Our Family Circle

Ancestors & Descendants of the Wisniowecski, Kleiman, Feldman & Eckerman Families


Welcome to the genealogy section of ourfamilycircle.org. This is where you can answer all the important questions you have - like how am I related to the Kafton family?

All the genealogy information here comes from the last files that David worked on before his death, but I know there is information missing. Instructions for adding people or correcting info are in the Genealogy help section from the main site.

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Our Family Circle

Our Family Circle had its first meeting on May 14, 1947, at the home of "Aunt Sophie & Uncle Nathan." All members agreed to be "willing & able to become a member of "Our Family" & will help to make it a united & happy & prosperous one with good health & good intent towards all." Rhoda Kleiman transcribed the original minute book, written by Julia Zeeman. You can download a PDF of the document.